The greatest loss one can have is the inability to speak: to form a communicative relationship with words, melody, and movement.
Quote from Carol Fleming
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No. 83: Mindset: The Sound of Your Voice (Audio CD), by Carol Fleming

Carol Fleming's self-help audiobook, 'The Sound of Your Voice', has landed at No. 83 on our list of the Top 100 self-help books of all time.

Classic Self-Help BooksThe only audiobook on our list of the Top 100 Self-Help Books of All Time, Dr. Carol Fleming’s “The Sound of Your Voice” focuses on the auditory nature of our voices. Utilizing exercises that are best worked with a voice recorder, Fleming helps you first identify your “voice image,” which is similar to — and should align with — your self-image. Then, she walks you through the steps to help you get there. Not particularly designed for public speakers, the CDs best serve those who aren’t happy with the quality of their speaking voices, and Fleming goes over all the techniques needed to project a brighter image.

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Other books by Carol Fleming

1) 'The Power of Your Voice', by Carol Fleming. Carol Fleming's first audiobook to address one's speaking voice was 'The Power of Your Voice'. Published on cassette tape in 1989, the set of six tapes contains many of the same exercises as 'The Sound of Your Voice', but there's also an emphasis on why your speaking voice is important and why it matters to improve the effectiveness of your commmuncation skills. Power of Your Voice (Cassette Tapes), Carol Fleming.

Books on How to Improve Your Speaking Voice

1) Love Your Voice: Use Your Speaking Voice to Create Success, Self-Confidence, and Star-Like Charisma!, by Roger Love. Professional voice coach Roger Love has trained thousands of speakers to communicate more effectively, identify which sounds are bad and which sounds are good. His clientele includes some of the biggest names in the self-help industry -- from Anthony Robbins to Suze Orman and Glenn Beck. He's even coached singer Eminem and members of The Beach Boys. His hardcover book, "Love Your Voice" also comes with an accompanying CD. Love Your Voice: Use Your Speaking Voice to Create Success, Self-Confidence, and Star-Like Charisma!, Roger Love.

2) Voice Power: Using Your Voice to Captivate, Persuade, and Command Attention, by Renee Grant-Williams. Renee Grant-Williams delves into the advanced techniques behind excellent speaking voices. Our voices aren't necessarily created that way, but we can train them to sound better over time. Grant-Williams focuses on breathing techniques, strategic silence and emphasizing consonants to increase dramatic affect. The book is particularly geared towards public speakers and performers with chapters on getting over stage fright, maintaining a healthy voice and leaving effective voice mail messages. Voice Power: Using Your Voice to Captivate, Persuade, and Command Attention, Renee Grant-Williams.

3) Training the Speaking Voice, by Virgil Antris Anderson. A 496-page tome on improving one's speaking voice, Virgil Anderson's book is a testament to the wealth of possibilites a speaking voice can take on. Anderson argues that one's speaking voice provides others with a means of stereotyping them, so fostering an effective, powerful voice is nearly imperative for success. His book, no doubt, laid the groundwork for a new generation of voice coaches with long and detailed chapters on breathing and resonance as well as exercies and techniques to effectively improve your voice. Training the Speaking Voice, by Virgil Antris Anderson.

Who is Carol Fleming? A short biography at

Trained at Northwestern University, Dr. Carol Fleming first decided she wanted to help people communicate when she saw a small child who was unable to walk. He couldn't hold things or lift his head to look at his mother. "Also, the mother did not look at him at all. Worst of all, there was no talk from one to the other. He couldn't make a sound. She didn't bother. That's when I knew that the greatest loss one can have is the inability to speak: to form a communicative relationship with words, melody, and movement."

Fleming was soon studying to become a speech pathologist, a job she maintained for years before forming a private practice in San Francisco. Fleming's techniques go beyond voice training to focus also on subtle communication skills such as gesture, posture and facial expressions.

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